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A new year, a new wedding venue!

During the last difficult year we have never thought to give in rather continued to work on the search for new wedding locations for our 2021’s couples.

What better way to start the new year, than with the announcement of a brand new amazing venue?

Let’s get to know it better!

Located in an oasis with more than 60 hectares of uncontaminated nature this fantastic venue has its own natural reserve, which is home to a wide range of local flora and fauna and an organic garden where vegetables and legumes are cultivated and used in some of the restaurants of this resort.

Thanks to its plastic-free initiatives and other eco-friendly activities, this venue was awarded the title of Best Eco Resort in the World in 2019 and in 2020. This completely embrace our green vision and dedication to our “spin off” Clean Coast Sardinia (for further info click here).

We don’t usually like resorts which are too big but this one has some peculiarities we couldn’t ignore and which give couples the possibility to have an intimate ceremony despite the extended surface.

This wonderful venue has a million intimate and characteristic corners in which to celebrate your ceremony:

  • a secret garden, perfect for a proposal or a small ceremony
  • 8 small private beaches, surrounded by a rugged coastline, where pebbles and white sand alternates with natural salty water pools.
  • Private villas, just a few steps from the sea, with breathtaking views and indigenous nature which offer the possibility to celebrate both in their gardens or in their private beaches.
Private beaches for ceremonies
Garden ceremonies with sea view

If you would like to combine the rural landscape with a luxury atmosphere, than you should choose the most particular accomodation of this resort: a sort of traditional Sardinian village, which looks like a castle, for your exclusive celebration. Its 17 rooms combine exclusivity and elegance with a rural, natural atmosphere.
This accomodation will ensure you an unfogettable and private wedding with your loved ones and breathtaking views to marvel.

One of the small charming hotels

6 hotel, 6 different styles for your wedding. With a large number of amenities and activities to be done, wonderful natural scenery amongst olive trees, myrtle and wild animals, your wedding will be designed to your needs in a truly natural paradise to experience the real essence of Sardinia.

Located in the central eastern coast of Sardinia, in the province of Ogliastra, one of the five blue zones of the world and home of the Centenarians, where tradition and hospitality took a fundamental role.

Off the beaten track, this territory combine the evocative mountains and its rocky cliffs, with crystal clear waters: the perfect frame for those who love wild nature and eco-friendly travels.

This resort literally comes from Nature, which is the host where each couple can choose your own experience of wedding from the endless possibilities in an oasis with a keen eye for biodiversity and protection of the environment .

Last but not least, despite being so big this resort has the power to offer privacy and cosiness to all their guests, both adults and children.

Suite with sea view

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