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Sardinia: the secret of longevity

They are called Blue Zones-places in the world where people live longer and healthier than anywhere else on earth.

Blue zone Sardinia
Longevity Hotspots. Fonte: http://journal.aarpinternational.org/

One of these just five in the world zones, has been identified in a particular area of Sardinia, which is home to most of the centenarians of the island, who are also amongst the oldest people in the world.

It happens within the small mountainous villages of Ogliastra and Barbagia, where the life flow seems to slow down, the air is fresh and unpolluted, and the daily meal includes always a glass of good red wine.

Located in very narrow, steep and picturesque villages that protect the zone from the corrosive effects of globalization, the beauty of this blue zone is not one or two big things but a costellation of little things that add up.

In the search for the answer to longevity, there is no single explanation rather a quite simple lifestyle, that includes a healthy diet, daily exercise and a low stress life filled with happiness and a strong dose of spirituality.

Therefore, if you are looking for the secret ingredients of the Elixir of long life (and long love, of course!) it’s about time you make Sardinia your wedding destination.

Choosing to celebrate your wedding in this mysterious area, will give you the possibility to experience all the factors involved in the longevity process, figuring more about our centenarians lifestyle.

It is a complete and intense experience, if you are a great lover of uncontaminated environment and suggestive places where people are driven by life meaning and purpose.

The lifestyle here is relaxed and informal and the people happy and welcoming, a perfect antidote to your stressful and increasingly digital city lives.

Inland Sardinia is like a fairytale, the place to awake your inner sense of life and go wandering, just following your footsteps and one of the nature path, crafted by time. It’s a landscape of scrubs and cruggy peaks, covered in maquis and sparse trees. This mountains have a “wild” feel you can rarely encouter elsewhere. A landscape where you can get lost with just your thoughts and nothing but nature around you.

Celebrate your special day amongst the several original houses, wisely restored and well kept will be a real immersion in this thrifty life and a special occasion to breath the old atmosphere that permeates these walls. With men playing cards together and women embroidering and making typical cakes and bread, each village has its own fiercely-guarded speciality, and much of the food and wine is produced locally.

Sardinian cuisine probably contributes extensively to the longevity process. You will make an authentic experience of Mediterranean cuisine and have the opportunity not only to enjoy delicious food but also to make a valuable cultural experience combining simple and tasty flavours during your wedding reception.

In addition to genetic aspects, diet and lifestyle, family and dedication to your loved ones has a fundamental role in the possibility of living such a long life. Surely a good omen to start your married life, don’t you think?

Spending some good time in this fascinating places, immersed in a magical and breath-taking atmosphere will make your wedding a unique of its kind: in close contact with the very heart of Sardinia, learn what makes this zone and its people so special and how you can bring some magic into your own lives.

Forgetting anti-aging creams, obviously!

Fonte: http://www.lanuovasardegna.it


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