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Costa Smeralda: a new wedding venue between luxury and tradition

Are you searching for something totally unique that hardly anyone else has been married in? If you are the kind of couple who wants a wedding venue new to the market, you will love our new entry!

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These newly opened wedding venue is located among the gorgeous Costa Smeralda villages, such as San Pantaleo, Porto Cervo and Porto Rotondo. While San Pantaleo is known for its characteristic market, its rustic stone buildings and its backdrop of granite mountains, Porto Cervo and Porto Rotondo are best known for breathtaking white sandy beaches and renowned boutiques.

The whole venue with its private beach, is the result of the glamorous renovation of an ancient traditional farmhouse of this area called “stazzo”, a rural dwelling which was shelter and home of local sheperds and farmers. The original stazzo was built from block of rough granite stone topped by a double-pitched roof whose main beam was usually made of local juniper or chestnut wood. Stazzi were usually built close to each other establishing a sort of little village and were obviously set in striking bucolic surroundings.

As one of the big wedding trends of this season is for more intimate ceremonies, also known as “micro weddings”, this location is particularly suitable for small to medium ceremonies.

There are two spaces to host your day: your ceremony will be in the rustic village, with a poolside aperitif and your reception in the light, airy, sea view restaurant. If you’d prefer having an intimate elopment or a smaller ceremony, you can have those too, and say “Yes, I do” in one of the 7 superluxurious private Villas. Reception will be held in the gourmet restaurant, which features floo-to-ceiling glass windows and enchanting views over the landscape.

A particular attention is given to food naturalness, zero km food and support to local economies. As you know, Wedding Sardinia always has an eye on the eco-green theme and particularly care about this aspect when choosing a new location.

You won’t take much for you to fall in love with this boutique hotel and its sustainable philosophy: local granite stone and wood are perfectly combined to create a stunning cosy interior immersed in the picturesque Mediterranean maquis, especially juniper and lentisco from which the villas take their names.

Each villa has its own warmed up and seaview pool, delicate colors are predominant as well as the use of natural materials combining luxury with the semplicity of the Mediterranean style.

As for the central hotel, guests can enjoy three private warmed up pools nestled in the gorgeous greenery. Rooms follow the villas style with refined finishings which combine tradition with contemporary elegance.

With a backdrop of lush green vegetation and with views over the crystal clear see, this exclusive wedding venue is a wonderful blank canvas choice for demanding couples searching for luxury, exclusivity and a deep dive into the Sardinian taste.


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