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Clean Coast Sardinia: clean Sardinia coast to coast

Trash on our beaches and in the sea waters is becoming a serious problem that threatens our beautiful island as well. As well as refusing single-use items, reducing our waste and recycling,  our agency has always thought that it’s important to become part of the solution and make the difference.

That’s why in 2018 the team of Wedding Sardinia together with Anna Kowalska has  founded Clean Coast Sardinia: a volountary association which organizes and runs beaches clean-up events .

Clean Coast Sardinia logo

Organizing events is in our DNA: in a season in which wedding ceremonies are obviously decreasing, we have decided not to stand still and dedicate heart and soul to this organization. As you probably know, in Wedding Sardinia we are strictly bound to our island and to the environment around us and always concerned with the green issue. Last but not least, we also care deeply that you and your guests will enjoy clean beaches during your wedding ceremonies.

This year, July and August are months full of clean-up events: from Tortolì to Lotzorai, we are travelling all around the island,  involving tourists as well.

As we are used to work with people from different countries, Clean Coast Sardinia is an association with a cosmopolitan feel: our co-founder Anna comes from Poland and we are part of  an international net involving volounteers from all over the world, all pitching in for the same common goal of taking care of our beaches.

beach clean up Ogliastra Clean Coast Sardinia


Reporting what we collect is an important part of our beach clean event: we usually share our favourite photos and data on FB, Instagram and Youtube. This is a great way of creating a buzz about our clean and keep all our volounteers updated bringing together inspiring people in our community.

We also try always to encourage local authorities and community members to join us: these events are not only an occasion to clean-up beaches, they also help raise community awareness about the issue by gathering media attention and social sharing.

Fresh air, community spirit and a tangible difference to our local beaches: protecting the environment has never been so rewarding. It’s always hugely satisfying to look back on a clean beach after the event and thinking it will be a better place for our guests. We think it’s such a positive message to care for beaches we promote all year round.

Clean Coast Sardinia member

We are an expert team with years of event management behind us combined with our strong dedication to conservation. And we  are proud to be a part of this global movement which over the years has created a family that works toghether for something bigger than us.

Want to help us spread the word about Clean Coast Sardinia? Share using the hashtag #cleancoastsardinia and follow us on:

Instagram: @cleancoastsardinia

Facebook: Clean Coast Sardinia

Youtube: Clean Coast Sardinia

Or get a look at our website:

We’ll keeping sharing our best pictures and stories to inspire other people do something to protect our beautiful environment.

Frinaeventi and Clean Coast Sardinia

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