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Micro-weddings and elopments: new wedding trends in the middle of a pandemic

We are constantly riding the waves and facing the unknown in this wedding planning season that has been anything but easy. Weddings are going to look a lot different over the coming months and we have started thinking about creative alternatives. Following the high demand for micro-weddings with no more than 10-15 guests and elopments, which have already become a trend, we have created small wedding packages for an easy, beautiful and laid-back experience in the beautiful island of Sardinia.

An alternative to traditional and large weddings.

micro weddings in Sardinia (10)
Photo by Fabio Marras

The pandemic has caused people to reflect on what and who is really important in our lives and celebrate with them: despite the historic period people are still going to want to get married, focusing on the deepest meaning of marriage.

Elopments and micro-weddings can still feel just as special and emotional as a “big” wedding day, but definetely much more meaningful.

micro weddings in Sardinia (10)
Photo By Laura Francesconi

With a lot less people, Sardinia offers a wide range of different options such as venues with private beach, a private villa or even a romantic sailboat along the amazing Sardinian coasts: your choices for venues options are endless and you will have the rare opportunity to celebrate in unconventional settings that may be not possible with a big celebration. You can get married in a secluded location, just the two of you or just surrounded by your immediate loved ones. Small, intimate and focused on just your love.

Every event is private and safe, that means there’s not going to be another couple getting married at the same time or sharing the same space as you. Our couples could still enjoy our beautiful outdoors locations in complete safety.

micro weddings in Sardinia (10)
Photo by Fabio Marras

If you were planning a large, elaborate celebration, you can invest the same budget for an exclusive venue that makes for a memorable setting and save for treating you and spoiling your guests. No matter how you choose to allocate your budget, you have the possibility to curate your micro-wedding in a way that is uniquely and safe for all.

We definitely see couples that don’t have that level of stress on the day of their wedding and an intimate family vibe that this kind of ceremony come with, as well getting away from the headaches of mainstream weddings. The benefit of small weddings is that you will get to spend quality time with each guest making the experience one-of-a-kind and getting the real feel of Sardinian hospitality.

micro weddings in Sardinia (10)
Photo by Gluephoto

Our simple, sweet packages offer you all the elements and the elegance of a traditional wedding in Sardinia which is now seeing fewer Covid-19 cases than the rest of Italy and Europe.

These packages are easily customizable and flexible: with a lot less people it’s easier to postpone flights, personalise it and find an agreement with vendors and venues, who are always helpful and ready to find the best solution for you.

There is no need to put life on hold, you can still have a magical wedding day. We promise to be always by your side, making it emotional and meaningful. Because your love matters.

micro weddings in Sardinia (10)
Photo by Antonio Patta

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