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Insights from our 2021 wedding season

photo by Mauronster

After a year of lockdown with couples obliged to postpone their dream date, wedding season in 2021 has been back again.

Many couples has chosen to keep their wedding on, gravitating toward intimate elopments or smaller ceremonies. First of all we want to thank them for their bravery, their strength and their deep love, stonger than everything.

To make the things easier to our couples we have thought about creative alternatives, offering small wedding packages for an easy ceremony, including just celebrant, photographer and flower decorations.

photo by Igor Bellini

Obviously, the ongoing pandemic has continued to play a major role in the wedding planning process throughout 2021. During our past events we did everything to make sure all of the behind-the-scenes details and Covid protocols were being followed. Fortunately, each of our wedding venue followed a strict Covid protocol, asking guests to wear masks, get tested or show proof of vaccination. Thus, everything has run in a smoothly manner and we haven’t had any problems keeping everyone healthy.

Behind the weddings that we have planned this year, there has been an entire industry and network working tirelessly to make these celebrations happen. We would like to give a heartfelt “thank you” to them.

photo by Igor Bellini

As for the month to come, not only Sardinia is still almost a covid free destination, but we can also offer a wide range of outdoor venues, so that our couples are able to organize their ceremony with peace of mind. Indeed, everything could take place outside, enjoying the idyllic scenaries of our island in a safer way.

2022 is about to be a wedding boom and we are definitely entering a new “roaring season”.

More than ever our couples want to celebrate life and love after so many heavy things, and our agenda is already filled up with bookings. Hope for a definitive recovery is in the air and we can smell its perfume.

It’s a very exciting time for us and 2022 is going to be even bigger. Stay tuned because we are coming with vibrant news and the promise of a delightful wedding season. We are so thrilled to present to you our new venues soon and to share our 2021 couple’s amazing photos.

© mauronster

And, as always, we are working to ensure your big day will be as magical as you dreamed it would be.

Because we firmly believe that love never stops.

photo by Mauronster

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