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Green is the new white!

It’s not unusual to be eco-conscious these days, and increasing number of couples are thinking about the impact their wedding might have on the environment.

As well as creating an eco-friendly wedding using sustainable suppliers, organic products and a green venue, being eco-aware when you tie the knot can also create a fabulous theme that looks stunning, is right on-trend and gives your guests plenty of food for thought.

Wedding Sardinia has always had a green mood: working on a beautiful island, which increased the number of Blue Flags released by FEE for those beaches that show to have not only excellent bathing waters but also a strong focus on environmental sustainability, we must play our part by protecting it and trying to raise awareness among our couples.

Sustainable venue

Choosing environmentally conscious venues which minimise their environmental impact by using recycled, renewable and local materials, separating waste and using seasonal food sourced locally is the first step. A great way to boost the local economy and lower the impact of your wedding.

Our venues take sustainability seriously: more and more beautiful venues are going green, and you won’t have to sacrifice on style. Some of them have been even recognized with the “Green Award” for the protection and care of environment (energy saving, use of eco-friendly products, etc.)

Also, the way you decorate your venue is a huge part of showing your personality at your wedding, so if you care about the environment, shouldn’t that be part of it? A venue with lots of natural light , or an outdoor ceremony in contact with nature will help you reduce the electricity consumption.


As for the decorations we are always pro natural rope instead of ribbons, eco wish lanterns instead of balloons or local beautiful fresh flowers instead of plastic petals. A little attention to details can make the difference.

natural petals

Local is the keyword if you are looking for a sustainable wedding. Using locally grown ingredients has two positive aspects: ultrafresh and ultrayummy flavours are the result together with a reduced carbon footprint, because the ingredients aren’t trucked in. While imported food that’s out of season at all costs, have obviously hugely negative implications for the environment.

Sardinian food (3)

Local food is the best choice both for you reception and for your eco-friendly favours. Tasty gifts are sure enough one of the most popular favours and certainly more practical and delicious. Rather than giving useless wedding favours to your guests choose an edible gift with a re-usable packaging.

edible local favour

For your truly eco-friendly wedding, walking to the ceremony would be a great choice. But, if this wouldn’t be possible, we could provide electric bikes or vehicles such as the characteristic and funny Ape Calessino.

ape calessino in Sardinia

Do the earth a favour, choose a sustainable wedding!

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