Sardinia: an island for all kind of lovers

Sardinia is pretty well known for its sun-kissed beaches, stunning landscapes, picturesque villages, ancient tradition and tasty food. But few people know it has various fascinating and unusual faces which make the island the perfect place for all kind of lovers.


Sardinia is the best location for surfing thanks to its favourable wind exposure. Its beautiful coastlines are constantly hit by perfect waves, which are great throughout the year, making Sardinia the surfing paradise of the whole Mediterranean.

surf sardinia


First thing’s first. The pace of life in Sardinia is laid back and slow. Sardinia is one of the 5 Blue Zone of the world, places where people live longer and healthier. The basis of this success is a quite simple life flow driven by spirituality and inner peace. A fascinating mix of healthy habits and nature, the island is the perfect shelter for zero stress lovers.


Rocky coastline overlooking the sea, with vibrant colors and crystal clear waters, paths that wind between the Mediterranean maquis: Sardinia with its wild nature and spectacular canyons has long been known as one of the most fascinating destinations for climbing lovers. Thanks to its mild climate, the island offers the possibility to climb throughout the year and enjoy its beauty from above

free climbing in sardinia


As well as white, sandy beaches, glorious weather and a rugged landscape, there’s plenty of wine treasure to discover in Sardinia too. Sardinia’s sun-kissed vineyards spread from the coast to the mountain areas making the island the ideal place for a relaxed tour around the wine hotspots. From Vermentino to Cannonau grapes hold thousands of years of winemaking tradition. A must-visit for the wine lovers aiming to taste regional delicacies. No matter which part of the island you’re visiting, there are loads of wine-related options throughout the island.


Do you know that music festivals don’t have to mean just crowded stadiums?
It can also mean chilling on pristine sands, swimming in clear waters and soaking up rays while listening to your favourite music. Especially during summer Sardinia hosts countless beach music festivals: from disco music to heavy metal, from jazz to blues. Perfect for music lovers who look to combine top music with idillic sceneries.

music festival in Sardinia


If you love legends, you’ll surely get crazy for the Nuragic history and the Atlantis myth. Deep mysteries are hidden among Sardinian stones and its megalithic constructions whose origin and purpose remain largely unknown. Visiting the island means discover its fairy tales that get lost over time. But the most fascinating legend is perhaps, the one that moves Hercule’s columns to the Sicilian channel and identifies Sardinia as the lost land of Atlantis. An enchanting and mysterious adventure back in time.

Sardinia Nuraghe



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