Sardinia · Wedding inspirations


Sardinian cuisine possessed a unique and little known gastronomic identity with traditional specialties rich and varied: each part of the island has its own food traditions and flavours.

Come with us on this gastronomic tour throughout the island, and discover how delicious your wedding reception can be.

Starters are meant to showcase the bounty of the island. They are supposed to usher in the meal, but they are often served in such large quantities that they could be a meal in their own right!


They can include a selection of seafood delicacies or a selection of food from the land, such as cured meats, cheeses, olives, grilled vegetables and bread.

Sardinian food (3)

Bread plays a fundamental part in the history, culture and traditions of the island. For special occasions, such as weddings, the making of bread becomes an art form with incredible imagination and creativity.

Su Coccoi – Sardinian bread

There are virtually thousands of bread varieties in Sardinia: the most artistic bread of them all, made with durum wheat semolina, is commonly saved and baked for special occasions like weddings, and is called coccoi de is sposus. It is considered a prized bread, the splendid decorations on the top part are entirely hand made and they are beautiful if used as seating markers for your reception.

Stuffed pasta, is another must for your typical Sardinian wedding.

Among the tastiest pasta dishes Culurgiones, stuffed with a combination of potato, pecorino cheese and mint leaves, creating a striking flavour. A topping of sweet tomato sauce takes the dish to an even greater depth of flavour.


Culurgiones are considered a gift of gratitude: according to local tradition they are given as gifts after the harvest and their typical wheat spike stitching motif is a characteristic element to favour a good crop.

Have you still room for the second course?

Sardinian cuisine is clearly both seafood cuisine and cuisine of the interior. Both are based on simple, local ingredients that give rise to extraordinary dishes, some of which cannot be found anywhere else.

Roasted juicy meats, raw delicate seafoods and grilled fishes, vegetarian suitable dishes such as legumes and vegetables: Sardinian cuisine has something to suit everybody’s fancy!

No meal is complete without a glass of digestif. Sardinia is also famous for a variety of liqueurs, from Mirto to Limoncello, true gems of the artisanal work. Look at this stunning personilized bottles used as a party flavour. Your guests will appreciate having a truly unique Sardinian souvenir.

Myrtle Liqueur

Liqueurs are potent but also smooth and are the perfect ending to a Sardinian meal and pair well with almond desserts.

Sardinian sweets with almond

Sardinian famous almond sweets are real works of art. For special occasions, such as the traditional wedding cake, they become even more beautiful: the fine and detailed decorations used to dress up the cakes recall the traditional handcrafted gold filigree.


A pleasure to the eyes and the mouth.

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