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Planning a destination wedding can be difficult, especially if you are trying to find a venue in a city you don’t live in. For so many reasons Sardinia is a wonderful place to get married. The Island is constantly voted as one of the World’s most beautiful wedding destination along with being a world famous holiday destination.

Let’s break down the pros and cons of celebrating your wedding in a private villa to see if this solution fits for you.

Wedding size
If you are having a small wedding a villa may be the best option, because you could likely fit your entire party in the space comfortably creating a feeling of intimacy with your loved ones and enjoying more quality time with people you love. Not a traditional “one day” wedding ceremony and reception, which goes by so quickly. A private villa is perfect for relaxing before and afterward too, also combining your wedding with your honeymoon.

Marrying in a villa gives you the opportunity to do whatever you want with whoever you want. A villa will give you complete privacy, as well as peace and quiet. If you marry in a villa, the only people who are present for your ceremony and after party will be you, your guests and your staff. You don’t have to share the facilities with other people because the house is just for you and there are no other weddings taking place that day which can happen at a venue. Accommodation is included and you’ll be able to spend lots of quality time with your other guests before and after the ceremony.


Depending on the size and period of your wedding, a villa usually may be more expensive than a resort. Villas are usually rented out on a weekly rather than on a daily basis and you will also need to add the cost of other wedding services. Food and beverage is usually a separate cost, then you need to factor in the price of food. Keep in mind, your caterer will most likely require a full kitchen to build out, including tables, stoves, ovens and lighting which need to be rented. A resort usually includes most of this items. A villa is less likely to have dedicated wedding staff even if this depends entirely on the specific location. That’s another cost you should add to your budget plan. On the other hand, if you choose a villa that is staffed, you will have them all to yourself.

Atmosphere & Location
The atmosphere you choose for your wedding is completely a matter of personal taste. A villa is surely quieter than a resort which is a great choice for an elegant and intimate affair with your closest friends and family. There are a lot of stunning villas to get married in Sardinia. We have an extensive list of beautiful beach front villas, cliff top villas or even garden villas that will make your wedding seem like a dream, and also help with beautiful photos. Whether you are aiming for rustic charm or opulent luxury, villas welcome wedding parties with their own interior style, depending on the part of the island you choose.


Exclusivity & VIP treatment
Do you want to plan a wedding that is as one-of-a kind as you are? You can customize just about anything when you rent a private villa: food, type of linens, floral decorations, and any special need. Choosing a wedding in a private villa you can choose all of your suppliers, such as the catering and the entertainment. This flexibility means it is easier to create your perfect day, rather than adapt yourself to something that doesn’t suit your needs. A blank canvas to paint exactly as you want. Possibly one of the most appealing aspects of a private villa wedding celebration is the allure of the outdoor lifestyle it creates, infinity pools, vineyards, gardens and al fresco terraces to appreciate every moment of this great adventure.

Many villas in residential areas enforce an early music curfew. This means ending your party early or relocating to a location for an after party. Always ask and keep in mind this are rules that are strictly enforced.

If you need some help in choosing the perfect private villa for your wedding in Sardinia then let us know and take a look at our villas selection.


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