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Once Upon a Time: a Fairytale-Inspired Wedding

Once upon a time, there was an enchanting corner of Sardinia with charming cobbled alleyways, historic architecture, beautiful views and a certain something that sets a place apart from the norm.

Its name was Santu Lussurgiu, a small ancient village set among the rocky mountains of the Montiferru area.

And there was a couple of young guys, whose dream was to get married in a singular place with character and charm. And a sense of being somewhere very special, almost trapped in time.

The bride and groom to be, had a vision of a fairytale wedding and chose Santu Lussurgiu because of its magical and timeless atmosphere.

The ceremony took place outside in the wood, under towering trees and beside picturesque waterfalls. Around the bride, the groom and their little group of guests just the smell of the woodland aromas and the birds singing.

An intimate ceremony in an unconventional spot, with stunning light and shade effects of the sun shining through the trees and reflecting into the water.

The groom decided to emphasise these particular colour effects, wearing a typical Sardinian dress, which recalled the colours of nature in the woodland dell. The bride opted for a whimsical and ethereal flowing tulle dress, looking like a real forest nymph.

There was no need for over fancy decorations or too much of anything: Santu Lussurgiu just “is” and it’s beautiful.

The wedding dinner took place in a magical venue: La Dimora del Gruccione, Albergo Diffuso (namely a scattered hotel) which aims to preserve the ancient buildings of the village.

Totally immersed in the atmosphere of its unique historical centre and masterfully lead by the heir of the original property owner, La Dimora del Gruccione also hosts the Italian Cooking Accademy.

Indeed, the wedding reception was all about local suppliers.

As for the food, Santu Lussurgiu is home to a wide variety of typical products, such as an unusual pear-shaped cheese called Casizolu and labelled as a Slow Food Presidium product, that means that this cheese has been listed as one of the world’s endangered heritage foods.

Santu Lussurgiu also has a century long local tradition of distillation. This tradition has been preserved mainly through the production of Abbardente, a local Sardinian acquavite, distilled by wine and diluted with the natural water from its famous spring.

Lanterns in the trees, tea light in jars and the sound of a guitar were all combined to create a fairy tale wedding day.

The great heritage of history, culture and traditions present in small Sardinian village, the aim to preverse them, the warmth of its inhabitants, the genuine lifestyle and the positive vibes of this village helped to make this ceremony unforgettable.

Photos by: Francesca Floris
Location: Santu Lussurgiu
Venue: La Dimora del Gruccione

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