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Wedding reviews – Why they are so important?

Photo by Mauro Prevete

Writing a review is probably the last thing you are thinking about after your wedding. But reviews are a great way to receive authentic feedback about the service we offer and are an integral part of our job.

Even though they are time consuming to write, they mean a lot to us and to other couples who are going to get married.

First and foremost reviews let us know if we are doing a good job. Words of appreciation and inspiration are good for anyone who works with dedication and devotion and they give us the stength to overcome difficult periods such as the one we are living.

Secondly, when our couples provide us with a feedback about their ceremony , they help us to better develop new ideas for the future, they prize our professionalism and confirm to us that we are working with the right partners and vendors.

And last but not least, maybe the biggest reason for writing a review is that someone out there is trying to organize the Day facing all the concerns connected with that. The wedding season is coming and couples are asking themselves which wedding planner to go with. By leaving your review you are helping them to decide whether or not to try our services. By sharing your real-life experience you might just simplify someone’s life and help guide recently engaged couples in the right direction to make their wedding abroad unforgettable. Especially if they can’t come here, speak with us face to face and visit the venues. As you can imagine, reviews are probably the first things and most trusted road that fellow couples search for when they have just begun to put their own destination wedding together. Nobody would like to have something wrong during their special day, that’s why in the world of the internet reviews are the key and are as powerful as the word of mouth.

Photos are as important as reviews because they show “real life” and allow us to convey our style, the way we work, the vendors we trust in.

Sometimes couples can be timid about showing themselves during such an intimate moment. But we ensure our beautiful couples that we use pictures respectfully and always following a strict moral code. We select photos which don’t portray intimate situations and, above all, we never show children or faces unless we have the bride and groom’s permission. When posting wedding photos on social media or when we publish them on our web page “testimonials”, we follow the style that has always distinguished us: simple and elegant.

As we understand that giving the permission to use your wedding photos is a serious thing, we always ask for your consent through a contractual clause, where we ensure you that neither we nor the photographer will sell them to third parties.

Apart from reviews and photos, we always send a follow-up survey to our couples. It’s a way to communicate with you and to understand if everything has run smoothly or if we can do better.

Surveys allow us to shine and to improve day by day, wedding by wedding.

And are a great way to show your appreciation for our hard work. Often the bride and the groom are so busy on their wedding day, that there isn’t enough time to thank the vendors who helped make the day a perfect day.

You may not think that spending a few minutes leaving a review makes that big difference, but trust us, it definitely does and we are extremely grateful to couples that take the time to leave their opinion.

You never know how much impact it could have on someone, or just how much we will appreciate it. So we hope you will take a little time to leave a review.

On this link some reviews of our special couples:

Photo by Igor Bellini

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