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The wedding venue of the month: Falkesteiner Resort Capo Boi

Resort Capo Boi

A lovely luxury hotel set in a stunning scenery: this is the Falksteiner Resort Hotel Capo Boi.

If you really want to enjoy the Sardinian vibes during your wedding celebration, go for it.

This completely renewed seaside hotel, is great especially for families: in addition to family rooms and suites it offers elegant and spacious villas which are perfect to enjoy your post-wedding with your loved ones. Rooms are all pleasantly decorated in an elegant palette with all the amenities you could expect, included the uninterrepted sea view and a roomy terrace.

Resort Capo Boi

Falkensteiner Resort Capo Boi is one of the most well equipped family hotels where kids can enjoy a dedicated pool and an extraordinary adventure with local animals throughout the zoo. Meanwhile, adults can enjoy some private time relaxing and sipping an aperitif at the infinity poolside, cherishing the view of the bay and its thousand shades of blue.

Here, luxury comes as a standard and all is about your comfort.

Resort Capo Boi

Drammatically set in the surrounding hills and cliff tops , a secluded and private beach will be the frame for your civil ceremony, amongst rocks and Mediterranean herbs. The hotel offers also generous green panoramic gardens where to celebrate symbolic ceremonies surrounded by an aboundant indigenous flora.

Resort Capo Boi

Immediately after the ceremony, scintillanting drinks can be enjoyed on the spacious veranda with its spectacular views or at the pool bar, turning every occasion into a delightful celebration.

You can really spoil yourself and your guests in the superb restaurant offering mouthwatering menus carefully created to satisfy the most discerning palates. A private restaurant just steps from the water: absolutely privacy combined with a dazzling venue just a few meters away from the gently breaking waves. Definetely the ideal location for occasions which requires a touch of extraordinary elegance and outstandingly romatic flair. Truly there are no limits to the possibilities on this idyllic location which can easy transform your ideas into a breathtaking event.

Resort Capo Boi

Everything in this hotel is done calm and relaxed, that’s why it is perfect for small to medium wedding celebrations. The setting in the environment, the Arabic-inspired architecture and the atmosphere are amazing. Almost from any area of the hotel there are views like from postcards. The mountains on the back, the clear waters on the front, the rosemary along the walkway, the breeze from the terrace and the rare to have your private beach.

An amazing landscape stretching across fragant maquis, golden sands and crystal clear water. This is the awe-inspiring thousand-acre natural backdrop: a striking contrast between the simplicity of the natural surroundings and the remarkable luxury of its facilities.

For anyone wanting some amazing wedding memories this is really heaven on earth.

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