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What does a wedding planner do on the Big Day?

We want to share a secret with you and tell you what a day in our wedding planner’s life looks like on a big day. Take a step inside the busiest day in the life of a wedding planner and discover a lot more than you’d expect!

The role of a destination wedding planner isn’t glamorous as people think. Probably one of the biggest misconception is that our job is all about glits and glam, flowers and decoration boards when the reality is very different. One thing is for sure: we firmly think we should be the liaison between all the pieces, and enable the bride and the groom to enjoy the day with their family and friends instead of worrying about preparations. It’s our role to save their time and stress.

The big day is the result of a mix of business, art, coordination and mediation. Throughout the years we have learned to expect the unexpected and the importance of comfortable shoes, of course!

Usually we meet with the bride and the groom two days prior to the day of the wedding to make the point and discuss the last details. We provide them with a wedding itinerary, a step by step wedding schedule, they just have to follow without any other concern apart from enjoying their holiday.

After having discussed the wedding schedule we assist the bride during her hair & makeup trial and when the guests are in a small group, we usually organise an informal pre-wedding dinner for them. An aperitif by the sea, a pizza or a boat tour the day before the ceremony just to diffuse the tension and have fun all together. Not being late, obviously.

We offer a multilingual assistance throughout the organization of the wedding and the wedding day too, with a very open-minded team who really loves to experience different cultures and satisfy any need.

Our ceremonies take always place in the evening, but we are off to the venue early in the morning to meet and greet vendors, assist them with any question and coordinate their job as an orchestra maestro, ensuring that each instrument is playing the right melody.

In the meantime we make sure the bride is having her hair and make-up done and a glass of bubbly with her bridesmaids. But above all that she is relaxed and she is enjoying the preparations. Then we turn our attention to the groom too, whose preparation lasts less than a half, making sure he has everything he needs to enjoy a couple of hours at the beach with his friends.

Once we have been through last minute details with the bride and the groom we tend to be as productive as possible, taking care of any unique detail for the day.

When the time for the ceremony approaches, our complete focus is to ensure everyone is in place according to the timeline: vendors, guests, and the bride and the groom. The most special moment for us is always the couple of minutes for the bridal procession to begin. But even during that touching moment we continue working behind the scene as careful directors ready to troubleshoot anything that arises throughout the ceremony.

After the ceremony is complete we should ensure the guests are quickly ushered to the reception party and if necessary we organise transfers. We make sure guests are looked after and entertained while the bride and the groom are having their shooting.

While guests are enjoying their meal we check in with the band and make sure the room is set for the music. Before sorting out the cutting of the cake we ensure everyone is ready in the right place at the right time overseeing the details about the newlywed coulple’s first dance.

Before the photographer leaves from the ceremony we make sure the bride and the groom have had all the required shoot. An eye to the couple, an eye to the vendors.

But our job does not come to an end when the party is over, even if we are the last to leave.

Even after everyone clears out we should oversee lots of post-wedding details such as photos and videos, which usually come out a few weeks after the ceremony and handle with religious and civil documents.

The wedding day is hard and laborious, is running right, left and centre, is accuracy and coordination and is just the bulk of an iceberg which can last even 1 or 2 years.

The reward comes from seeing all our hard work come together, from the newlywed couple’s joy and happyness and from knowing that this day will be remembered for years to come.

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