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It’s oh all so quiet

Photo by Igor Bellini

Silent discos are becoming more and more popular at weddings as they bring something different to the occasion. “What is a silent disco?” you are probably asking. A silent disco is where all of your guests wear a set of headphones to listen to the music being played. Your guests could swap frequencies and dance along to whatever song they prefer and the music is silent for anyone who’s not wearing headphones. Not only is a silent disco fun and novel, but it has some practical benefits too!

Why have a silent disco at your wedding? There’s more reasons than you think!

Satisfy every musical tastes

A silent disco allows you to both have your music to full volume on your wedding night, likewise, it gives your guests the chance to hear something they love. Headphones usually have three channels playing different tunes, that means you can have music to suit every taste or get pretty close. Often, one channel is the bride’s playlist and the second is the groom’s one. The headphones have independent volume and the headsets light up in a different color to show which channel guests are listening to. You can literally be dancing with someone who is listening to a different song.

Silent disco satisfy even people who don’t enjoy dancing and prefer having a quiet conversation: there is no loud music which can bother them.

Photo by Igor Bellini

Party longer and later

Many wedding venues have sound restrictions, particularly hotels and outdoor venues. A silent disco allows you and your guests to continue the party after hours without disturbing the neighbours and allowing you to keep the party going without getting in trouble.

Have fun!

For some reason silent discos are so much fun. While a band or classic DJ set is good for creating atmosphere at your reception, a silent disco later at night, adds a little fun to your wedding especially when you look around and see your guest dancing like they’are really crazy. A silent disco is fun for everyone –oldest and youngest.

Photo by Igor Bellini

It’s trendy and memorable

Silent disco it’s completely different from traditional wedding entertainment and everyone will be talking about it for weeks to come! There’s a high chance that your wedding guests will have never attended or even heard of a silent disco.

Make sure your wedding guests never forget your reception and will be impressed by this new experience. It’s not a urban legend that the weddings that are most memorable are the ones that are at the forefront of a new trend.

It’s magical

Silent disco is able to involve even those who are normally shy of the dance floor. It gives them the perception of finding themselves in their own little world and not afraid to sketch out a few dance steps, thanks to the effect of the headphones.

Moreover, the headphones are lit with one of three colors, each coordinating with a station,  so your guests can get down with other guests grooving to the same tunes and enjoying a special effect of light play in the darkness of the night .

Silent disco is more than just music, it’s magical effect.

Photo by Igor Bellini



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