Wedding inspirations


Want to know what’s trending among future brides when planning their wedding day? Pinterest has released its annual Wedding Report covering off the most popular beauty trends and make-up looks for endless inspiration.

Here we have put together the top 5 for 2018:


The picturesque, messy updo is a fan favorite. And it isn’t just good for the gym, it is great for your wedding day too!

We can think of only one person to credit for this trend: Megan Markle. How chic does she look with her classical messy bun?

The best part about this style is that there is no wrong way to rock it: a well-planned but not-so-much-planned messy hair bun really works for any occasion.



2018 is without doubt the year of the hair combs. Brides are using them as an unexpected accessory to create unique harstyles that wow.

Worn as a finishing touch to an updo or used to secure the veil, hair combs come in different sizes and styles. Seen storming the runways all over the place at fashion week, vintage style hair combs have never been more chic.

Opt for pearl encrusted styles for an ethereal look , go minimal with a simple lacquered black version to contrast a white veil, or up the romance by using a comb to fix fresh flowers into your seriously on trend messy updo.


Lip gloss, everyone’s favorite 90’s beauty product, is back!

But forget that sticky feeling: it’s now sleek and so chic. And it has made a triumphant return to our make-up bags.

Lip gloss gets a bad rep, but if done right, it can give your lips a beautiful luminous look. Plus, it perfectly pairs with natural-looking make-up. And it’s so amazing, because reapplying it is fast and simple

We’re trained to think matte liquid lipstick is the only option for events where we need our look to last, but there’s something so feminine and flattering about the perfect gloss effortlessly swiped across lips.

wedding hair&beauty (1)


If there’s one feature to go big on for your 2018 wedding make-up look, it’s lashes. Super long, fluttery eyelashes are back in a big way!

Your wedding shuold borrow inspiration from the bold doll-like eyelash adored in the 60’s.

Whether it be with the help of lashes extensions or a simple swipe of volumising mascara, it is the easiest way to draw the attention to your peepers

wedding hair&beauty (9)



Soft waves have long been popular, and this timeless hairstyle is here to stay.

Has any look ever been as iconic and dreamy as ethereal, soft-glam waves?

Ideal for evening weddings or for brides that want to add a dash of glam to the situation, soft Hollywood waves with side partings are having a moment.

Always classic but yet luxurious with an edge of 40s glamour, dress your waves up with accessory, or finish with a veil.


Whether your wedding style is modern,romantic, sleek or vintage, this hairstyle suits them all.

Finally, here is our top beauty tip for your wedding day: “Just be 100% yourself” and you will always be on trend.







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