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March and April are the months of site inspections.

During this period we plan on meeting with as many new venue vendors as possible. We are a pro planning site inspections and we have been doing it for years.

During our site inspections we enjoy the area, try wonderful things and latter share that with you, describing the venue, the restaurants, bar beaches and creating the full picture! Sometimes we stay in the hotel we are considering as a location for our clients. There is nothing better than trying the service first hand.

Each day focus in an area, it’s the way we go!

That’s because we firmely think that site inspection represents a unique opportunity to kick-off a lasting relationship between us and our vendors. And also because, when planning a wedding, one of the most important tasks is the site inspection itself. Not only can examining a venue in person help determine the best space for your ceremony but also the advantages and limitations of what’s available. With a thorough site inspection, we can avoid unexpected costs, last-minute changes to layouts, and even mishaps during your big day.

A wedding site visit is a brief walk-through of a potential venue. The site inspection allows us to actually ask more detailed questions, and make sure that what we’ve seen and read online is for reals.


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Choosing a venue requires a lot of thought and careful consideration. After all, this is where your wedding will take place. That’s why we absolute believe that at least one site inspection of your wedding venue is a must prior. But that’s the minimum! We love having you here, working side by side, designing each and every element of your wedding as if it were our own. Come as often as you like! But, let’s be real here. Not everyone has the time to pop back and forth, which is why we stay in touch during the wedding planning journey.

With so many fantastic resorts, hotels and villas available for weddings in Sardinia, we suggest coming here for your site inspections. Of course, we will create a schedule of property tours and menu tastings so that each and every moment you are here we are crafting your dream destination wedding.

A detailed site inspection is crucial to the success of the event. With a comprehensive tour of our beautiful proposals, you can fully envision how your wedding will unfold and what you and your guests will experience.

Feeling ready to go to your venue scoutings? Contact us, we are waiting for you!

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