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fire jugglers sardinia italy (2)

The long history of fire juggling dates back to the third century B.C. when jugglers of the ancient Greece entertained in Royal Courts. From then on, fire jugglers have continued to ply their trade, from streets and docksides to the top of the bill in theatres and circuses until it becomes an original wedding trend.

Imagine a unique spectacle. The illusion of flames and dance. A combination crowd of interaction and unforgettable memories.

Fire performance show is full of effects and stunts. Shows combine inspired performance and versatility. Fire juggling can be used as main performance or as a grand opening ceremony, or as a component to your overall wedding.

fire jugglers sardinia italy (7)

Most often, fire juggling shows take place during that time when the venue turns from dinner to disco – a 20-minute choreographed spectacular that really gets the guests fired up for the evening’s dancing!

Alternatively, it can become a truly warm welcome – fire dancers performing at the entrance as the newly-weds and guests arrive – a perfect start to the celebrations.

Or, even more unexpected, just when the guests thought most of the fun was over, fire jugglers would come outside to find a scene from an MTV music video!

With shows themed to suit any style, fire jugglers provide that extra flair to make it a night to remember!

The different effects of the flames being juggled and twirled will make a spectacular visual effect. Guests could be called forward to stand in front of the dancers and get some incredible photos. They will be wow’ed by the show and it will make your event to be talked about forever and remarkably different to any other wedding.

These exciting professional performers will provide unique and shocking entertainment. A fire show combines adrenalin with a magic atmosphere which just the power of fire can provide.

And you? Do you want your wedding to light up like no other?



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