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Wedding in Castelsardo (18)

For those who see this village for the first time, Castelsardo seems to be floating between the blue sky and the turquoise sea, perched on a rocky promontory as if it is almost soaring through the infinity.

From a unique and panoramic position, which looks out the stunning Golfo dell’Asinara, since 900 years Castelsardo overlooks a rocky spur perched over the sea.

Wedding in Castelsardo (12)

This is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, with its thousand-year old history.

Wealth of priceless treasures, riot of traditions, shrine of ancient rituals, Castelsardo is an enchanting location, where to discover the semplicity of sky, water and land, the extraordinary flavours of its famous seafood cuisine and the scents of an area rich in natural and panoramic beauties.

The ancient village exudes history allover: get lost through its medieval narrow streets which lead to its well-preserved Doria’s castle, dating from the 12th century and overlooking the sea from the top of a panoramic promontory. The perfect location for a suggestive and romantic civil ceremony, it also houses a small museum dedicated to the basket waving for which the village is famous. A fairy venue for a real fairy wedding.

Wedding in Castelsardo (1)
With its landmark bell tower, topped by a brightly tiled cupola the Cathedral of Sant’Antonio Abate is the perfect choice for an intimate religious wedding ceremony. Set on a panoramic terrace, in the very heart of the village, it is visible from several miles out at sea. With a breathtaking scenery, it will be the perfect set for your stunning shots. The view of the blue sea and the tiny harbour will do the rest, creating a mood of serenity were wind will be the only sound in the air.

catholic wedding in Sardinia (6)

After the ceremony, wedding receptions can be held in one of Castelsardo superb panoramic venues: open-air terraces, scenic swimming pools and terrific views overlooking the sea and the hundred lights of the Medieval village will offer you a second-to-none backdrop for your romantic party.

Wedding in Castelsardo (16)

A maze of flowery lanes, coral workshops, typical restaurants and small coloured houses with their patchwork of roofs, we suggest Castelsardo for those who look for an authentical ceremony, balanced between tradition and modernity.

Although you won’t find much nightlife in Castelsardo you will find quiet and romantic moments away from the crowd. Perfect for an elegant and relaxed wedding ceremony this venue offers the ideal mix of delicious food, great atmosphere and amazing postcard-like views.


After all that, do you really find a reason not to celebrate your own long-lasting love here?

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