Ceremonies in Sardinia

We finally got it!

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Want to plan a same-sex wedding but don’t know where to start? Are you still unsure how to place your priorities for the Big Day? Want to know more about the legal requirements?

Finally, in 2017 Italy enacted the law allowing same-sex civil unions. That means that same-sex couples can now enjoy the freedom to civilly marry. For many LGBT couples, this is a long-sought victory worth celebrating- and we have proudly been pioneers in this field through our dedicated website Gay Med Wed.

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We’re an open minded and hearted team of planners. We’re sensitive, happy and we all believe in the real love that has no denominations. In 10 years of experience we have built a network of vendors and venues selected with care for the high quality of their service who are thoughtful, trained and ready to ensure a total acknowledgement of same-sex weddings.

Given this premises, where better to choose for your destination wedding than one of the most welcoming and beautiful islands in the world? Close your eyes and imagine: terrific panoramic views, romantic landscape, delicious food. That is Sardinia!

Same-sex ceremonies can be organized everywhere: beaches, gardens, villas, hotels, wineries, sea view terraces and countryside locations. Just choose the type of ceremony which best fits you.

Civil ceremonies can be organized everywhere in Sardinia for any nationality as we are specialised in the legal procedures and we are in contact with Embassies, Consulates and Local Administrations. Documents such as permissions of marriage and other documentation need to be gathered, authenticated and validated. Same-sex couples would not need to obtain a residency permit, and with no need of banns, in some cases you can arrive and marry within the same day. Though it is advisable to arrive on the island 2 to 3 days before the wedding to finalise the details and relax while enjoying the beauty of the island.
Civil Partnerships celebrated in Sardinia have legal value in Italy and throughout the world.

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Symbolic ceremonies allow you to have a ceremony which is based on your values and in which you can express your individual personality. You can make it special by writing your story, including readings and poetry that have special meaning for the two of you, honouring family and friends, and creating vows that describe the marriage that is to come. The aim of a symbolic ceremony is discovering your feelings for each other and to express them in words. No matter if it is a large celebration or an elopement, the symbolic ceremony will reflect your beliefs and philosophy of life.

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If your desire is to have a religious ceremony we can satisfy it with two kinds of celebrations:
The Protestant Church of Cagliari and the Ecumenical Catholic Church both fully support the LGBT equality and treat the LGBT community with respect.

Same-sex weddings are not bound by traditions, so we will have the freedom to work together to create a ceremony that is unique and best represents the love you and your partner share.

Just bring your love into the most romantic island of the world: we are enthusiastic to plan your LGBT wedding. There is nothing we love more than having the possibility of helping true love being fulfilled.

Because love is the only universal law.

For more info, please check out our dedicated website www.gaymedwed.com

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