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Food truck catering at wedding receptions has become an hottest trend in the last few months, and it’s only expected to grow in popularity. Why? The answer is simple: they are an easy way to provide guests with a unique, one-of-a-kind experience.

Food trucks are an ongoing wedding craze: they are a trendy alternative to a commonplace buffet or a course by course sit-down dinner.

The possibilities are endless, which is great because guests are increasingly food savvy and want to be wowed.

What makes food trucks even more special is their ability to be customized and integrated into the wedding theme. From serving the couple’s favourite foods and drinks, to adding a customized menu board with funny names, to getting the truck wrapped in the color scheme, the options to personalize your big day are endless!

Food trucks are a great way to get special, unique, fresh food, out to guests on the fly. But they are also the new way to make cocktail hour switch into high gear.

Food truck appearances at weddings remain relatively rare, and are in no way a laid-back wedding cliché, so wedding guests are always excited to see trucks they know and love at your wedding.

Many couples feel as though food trucks bring something unique to weddings: they allow the couple to highlight their own personal tastes, as well as celebrating the local cuisine. Some couples have the food trucks come as an exciting, and delicious break between the ceremony and reception. Some schedule the truck to arrive a few hours into the reception to provide a late-night pick-me-up after a night of drinking and dancing. Others choose to serve signature cocktails and drinks to their guests via charming bars on wheels.

Once seen purely as a vehicle for snack foods and sandwiches, food trucks now often serve gourmet cuisine and are popular with hip foodies.

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Imagine a three-weehled Piaggio Ape with a mobile bar and bartending service shaking up cocktails and serving sparkles to your guests lining up for their next drink. Or an industrial-looking modern Van serving a “finger food” aperitif as an original welcome to your guests. And if the sun is shining there’s nothing more lovely than a vintage Ice Cream Cart serving ice cream to keep your guests refreshed. Fancy something a little more sweet? Why not hire a pastel coloured Mobile Creperie?

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But if you want to celebrate the whole reception on four wheels, you can choose from a range of service combinations, from lamb hamburgers to fried fish, from typical culurgiones to meatballs or pulled pork. All cooked on the spot, offering a fantastic live show cooking.

Aren’t you hungry yet?

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