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wedding planning in winter (2)

Ever wonder what a wedding planner is actually doing all day long during the winter season?

Thinking to a six-months long vacation with turned off phones? We are sorry to be the ones to break it to you, but the real life of a wedding planner is significantly less relaxing than you think.

As a famous quote says: life (of a wedding planner, obviously) isn’t a vacation (even in winter!), it is a struggle.

Just kidding! We surely can take a little time for oursalves, enjoying our beautiful autumn sea with almost desert beaches and soaking up some rays. Autumn days are still exotically warm here, but beaches are far quieter than in July and August. Not so bad to recharge batteries, don’t you think?

Than back to reality! We go back to being the queens of multitasking, juggling a hundred tiny details every day at any time.

There is no way to accurately describe our day to day winter routine because it is always something different. As a wedding planner no two days are the same. Every day varies from the next and there is never a dull moment. Each week changes, every day is slightly different and with different season come different demands and this greatly affects our schedule.

During the winter season we mainly work from the office, responding to emails, fielding new inquiries, returning phone calls and working on new orders. Each day has a specific part of business, from accounting to organisation, from keeping in touch with vendors to social media scheduling.

The office is humming with activity even in December. Work in advance is the keyworld of our work!

wedding planning in winter (3)

But there are days we are out discovering hidden new locations where to celebrate during the wed season. Site inspections are a big (and pleasant, of course!) part of our work, and we take advantage of this brief lull to travel all around our island personally visiting new venues before adding them to our range of proposals.

We may also give a tour directly with potential clients, getting to know each other. We understand the importance of seeing and evaluating details of a potential location, that’s why we welcome and encourage clients to visit our venues, experience the variety of the amenities, room types and restaurants. Just get in touch with us and we will be glad to take you round the hidden gems of the island.

Winter is also time for exhibitions. We travel, and travel and travel again around the world to promote our services, taking part to the most important wedding fairs, meeting wedding suppliers, mingling with engaged couples and getting new ideas for the planning of next ceremonies. We are just back from Russia, where we took part in the Italy Lux Wedding Conference, an exclusive wedding event in an exclusive setting. How lucky are we?


Among all this stuff we take an extra moment to swoon over our latest wedding’s photos we received in our email and obviously start to mentally pre-writing a blog article about how beautiful that summer ceremony was.

A last glance to Instagram and Pinterest for more client’s inspiration and to see the new trends for the wedding world and we can finally go home.

There are a hundred other duties we perform for our clients even in the winter season that can easily be interchanged: developing new decoration ideas, researching and contacting vendors, preparing for the weddings coming up next season and researching specific topics for brides, all while keeping in constant communication with our clients and vendors alike.

We stay busy, it’s the way we like it!


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