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Destination Weddings & Children: how to manage

Deciding whether to invite children to your destination wedding is one of the most difficult guest list questions being a topic of differing opinions.

Some couples prefer an adults-only celebration because the style of the event just doesn’t fit for little ones especially if the wedding is very elegant and formal. If you decide not to have children at your wedding clearly state it adding something like “adult-only” on the save-the-date or invitation.

On the other hand, If you think “the more the merrier” and you are inviting children, make sure it’s quite clear and expect lots of helpful tips and ideas from this post for keeping children happy at your wedding.

The first thing you should consider, if you are having a lot of children at your wedding is the venue. It must be “children friendly”, that means with no risk areas, such as pools or cliffs. Almost all of our venues have selected areas which are custom-made for families where your younger guests can enjoy age-appropriate entertainment. We will be glad to help you choosing which one has the right blend of wedding services and kid’s activities for you.

We usually suggest to include the little ones in the ceremony to make your wedding day as special as possible. Find an age-appropriate way to include them as bridesmaids or groomsmen or, if younger, as flower girls or ring bearers. If you and your soon to be groom already have children togheter or from previous relationships, than it’s a must to involve them if you are having a sand ceremony or a unity candle, stating the importance of this new big family. You can also have a little gift for them, to express how much they mean to you.

When it comes to entertainment options, you may want to think about the littlest wedding guests who will be present and call in the pros. Wedding Sardinia offers the possibility to hire a multilingual entertainer to keep the older busy and watch over them while toddlers could be managed by a qualified nanny either during the reception or later on in the evening in a safe and nurturing environment at the same venue so everyone can have fun.

During the reception kids seated with their parents can often feel left out cause the conversation is boring, and the dinner goes on forever. We usually suggest to seat children at their own kid’s wedding table. It is funny and gives the children some independance, but more importantly it gives the adults uninturruped time to chat to other adults.

In Wedding Sardinia we are very thoughtful when choosing the food you want to serve to the little ones and we always have kid-friendly food options on the menu. Food they like will make them happier and is often less expensive. We also esure to ask the venue if children can get their food early and quickly especially at an evening reception.

If you’re having a photo booth at your wedding or a photographer who loves interacting with children that’s an added bonus. Children will have fun posing for the camera and you will get priceless memories to look at in the future.

Some of the most adorable wedding moments involve children: with patience, creativity and the right organization we will help your kids to feel part of this special big day and enjoy it.

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