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Off season weddings are becoming more and more popular for a number of different reasons and more couples are opting for a less traditional time of the year. From less stress over the weather to better venue rates, we’ve pulled togehter a list of 5 reasons why you should be planning to tie the knot during this beautiful time of the year!


The winter time can be pretty romantic. The sun will be setting a bit earlier in the evening so you can dress up your venue with lots of fairy lights to create a whimsical setup and with candlelight to create a magical atmosphere. Use candles to light the walkways outside, also. Winter weddings also work for smaller more intimate ceremonies, because of their cosy atmosphere.

Winter wedding Sardinia


Another big reason to love a winter wedding that many don’t consider, is the idea of a destination wedding. Justify an escape from the cold, and fly to a warm and sunny island like Sardinia, for a summerlike wedding. Travel and hotel stays are at peak pricing in the summer, while winter weddings allow guests to take advantage of off-season pricing for their travel and accommodation options. This is a win-win for everyone, we think.


What’s more, it’s even easier and cheaper to book your venue if you decide to get married during the winter season. There is a very good chance that Venues will be offering a lower price during the colder months while Photographers, Florists, Decor, and even hair and makeup will be more available during those off season months. And beacause the winter months aren’t as busy as others, they’ll also be able to focus more of their attention on your big day.

Winter wedding SardiniaUNIQUE

Your entire wedding, from ceremony to reception, is guaranteed to make an impression in the memories of all your guests simply because it’s something different. From color palette to flowers and decor, there are elements which will make your wedding unique compared to all of the spring and summer weddings your guests have attended over the years.

Photo: Laura Stramacchia


We know that the weather is a concern for all brides, but by having your destination winter wedding in Sardinia, you don’t need to worry about whether you’re going to have rain, snow or it’s going to be cold. Winter in Sardina is pretty much spring, that’s why you don’t need to be prepared for the worst. You won’t spend time worrying about whether and your focus will be on creating a perfect indoor wedding and just enjoing it.

If the idea of having a winter wedding is tickling you, please contact us to find out more.

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