Wedding inspirations


With the the New Year coming, new wedding trends are coming as well.

Wedding trends are ever-evolving, ever-changing and transforming and 2020 is already promising to bring a fresh wave of cool wedding trends together with some confirmation and evergreen.

From colors to themes, get inspired by these 4 wedding trends for 2020.


Sustainability has been a huge topic in for all of 2019 and will continue into 2020. Therefore sustainable weddings are on the rise and so many eco-friendly options have popped up for couples who are looking to “upcycling” their wedding, cutting back on unnecessary and trying to be as eco-friendly as possible.

This can take many forms like sourcing locally grown food, hiring vendors who also prioritize sustainability, going plastic-free or choosing a wedding venue which is green and more sustainable than others.

Expect to see more living trees and plants instead of cut flowers. These will be than given as gifts to guests, replacing plastic favours. Recycled paper or bamboo dishes will be the norm in reception parties as well as seat markers and wedding tableaux printed on recyclable cards.


Another top wedding trend we’re loving for the 2020 season is some sensational lighting.

Lights are often the first thing people notice, and they set the tone and mood of the wedding. Think outside of the ‘lightbox’ and look at different ways to integrate lighting in a unique way. There’s lots of different ways that you can bring a touch of sparkle: it’s all about creativity. We’re seeing mix-and-match lanterns, industrial bulbs, colorful pendant lights, and chandeliers made of recycled materials. If you want your wedding to truly sparkle, opt for something your guests haven’t seen before.

As always, neon signs continues to have great success and to be popular and can be customised to suit your wedding theme using them for a great photo background or instead of traditional wooden signs.


There are so many reasons to fall in love with outdoor weddings that’s why the timeless romance of an outdoor wedding has made it one of the most popular trends that never seems to go out of style.

Nothing quite beats the romantic feeling of an outdoor wedding, from exchanging the vows in the sunshine to do the first dance under the stars.


One of the best things about having an outdoor wedding is that the possibilities are endless , therefore more and more couples are choosing to hold the majority of their wedding day outside. From a relaxing aperitif on the lawns to a seaside dinner, couples are opting for venues with open spaces more and more.

The trend seems to be a return to simple things: the casualness of an outdoor ceremony, in the midst of the nature enjoying the quintessential beauty endless spaces and breathtaking views.


When speaking about wedding trends we can’t absolutely leave out the 2020 color palette.

The ever-popular pastel shades of nude and blush rose mixed in with hues of white, ivory and cream are to win in 2020. With an hint of metallic hues and glittery shades they are expected to have their moment next year. Again. This colors work so lovely together, create a delicate and romantic atmosphere and are easily adaptable as other trends change. That’s why they remain a popular choice over the years.

Photo: Laura Stramacchia

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