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Orosei: the authentical essence of Sardinia

Beyond the most famous of the island’s destinations lies another world, partially undiscovered.

Annie&Rory-Orosei (4)
Photo by Peter Jurica

Orosei is a little town that still preserve the charm of a small ancient village. A narrow maze with uphill alleys, stone and white-painted old houses and colourful courtyards with geraniums and climbing plants.

Annie&Rory-Orosei (3)Annie&Rory-Orosei (2)

Annie&Rory-Orosei (1)
Photos by Peter Jurica

A medieval heart, with its castle ruins surrounded by a wild nature, a melting pot of sea, mountain, history and folklore.

Annie&Rory-Orosei (9)

Annie&Rory-Orosei (7)
Photos by Peter Jurica

Not far from the Costa Smeralda International Airport but far enough from crowded touristic areas, Orosei will give you the opportunity to experience the spirit of traditional Sardinia.

Annie&Rory-Orosei (8)
Photo by Peter Jurica

The countryside around Orosei is spectacularly beautiful with amazing lime-stone cliffs and immaculate and pure white sand beaches plunging into turquoise waters. A perfect mix between wild nature and heavenly coves.

Its coastline is studded with dozens of hidden bays which lay between greenery and the high rocks, so the only way to reach them is by sea or via spectacular trekking paths climbing down the rocky coastline. With plenty of hiking routes offering stunning panoramic views this is the perfect spot where trekking and climbing lovers can go on excursions surrounded by this amazing and hidden jewels.

Annie&Rory-Orosei (11)
Photo by Peter Jurica

But this is also the place where you can discover the flavors of authentic Sardinia: here the food is traditional and genuine, and is the heritage of years of history. Very few places in the world can boast food is as authentic as that in Orosei. Delicious specialties for your wedding reception, based on simple ingredients, with strong yet simple flavours, will never fail to amaze you and your guests.

Alex-Vicki_Orosei (4)
Photo by: Igor Bellini

Everything in Orosei is at walking distance or, according to your preference, reachable by electric car or bike. An alternative way to have fun with your guests and family while having an eye for the environment.

Annie&Rory-Orosei (10)
Photo by: Peter Jurica

A familiar and intimate location, with a great variety of possibilities for your wedding ceremony. If you are planning a civil ceremony, this can be performed in the local town hall or in the garden of some historic properties while beach weddings can only be symbolic.

Annie&Rory-Orosei (13)
Photo of the beach ceremony by Peter Jurica

And after the ceremony why not immersing yourselves in the ancient atmosphere of a rustic mansion set in the historical centre of the village? You and your guests could enjoy your party in the courtyard or from the top floor terrace overlooking the sea and admiring the nature’s spectacular sunset painting the sea water with its colours.

Alex-Vicki_Orosei (3)
Photo by Igor Bellini
Annie&Rory-Orosei (12)
Photo by Peter Jurica

Orosei is a special opportunity to keep a piece of pure Sardinia in your heart.

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