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Legally Married in Italy

Are you a British citizen planning to get married in Italy and worried for the upcoming Brexit?

We can reassure you that in the transitional period there will be special procedures to follow with the outcome of a wedding legally valid in the UK.

One of our founders, Vittoria Sirena, has decided to launch a new service dedicated entirely to legal assistance for those who wish to have a legally-binding ceremony in Italy:

With the suitable theoretical preparation from university and constant study of the international law changes, for more than 10 years it has been her whose responsibility was to guide our clients and follow the whole procedure making sure that all the legal requirements were met on time. This often included contacting a variety of national and international institutions. Throughout the years she has built a strong network of contacts, gained a lot of knowledge on this subject, solving even the most complicated cases.

Imagine a case that happened a few years ago.
He was Canadian, she was Polish, both living in Poland which was going through a transition from one international convention to the other in terms of procedure for getting married abroad, with local authorities not ready yet with the updated forms of documents. The case was quite tricky but she managed to solve it.

In her career she has assisted hundreds of couples of different countries residing in yet another one, with procedures varying according to the international conventions ratified by them, also cases in which one of the spouses managed to obtain, with her help, Italian passport as a descendant of Italian immigrants prior to the wedding.

With a list of issues resolved getting longer, and hundreds of couples legally married, we can call Vittoria an expert in her field. Frinaeventi is an event managing company that offers a whole range of services but if your only interest is to get a competent advice and a consultant to guide you throughout the whole procedure of civil wedding in Italy, you can contact her directly.

Vittoria Sirena_legallymarriedinitaly

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