Wedding inspirations

Born to be blue

Pantone sure does have a knack at predicting the colours will be obsessed with in a few months time. So, we consider its seasonal trend report , after New York Fashion Week, a roadmap for navigating our future bride’s wardrobe. The results for fall ’17 are in, a 10-swatch palette corrisponding to the top hues among which some surprising refreshing shades such as bright blue and navy peony.

That’s why we are sure blue is going to make a big splash for weddings.

Blue has always been the colour that symbolizes the calm and balance. It has the power to relax our body and remove the sense of anxiety that may accompany us during the big day. Hands up those brides who’ve never had a nervous breakdown before, during or after their wedding day.

Blue is also the colour of wedding tradition: in the past centuries brides wore blue to symbolize love and purity. That’s the meaning of “wearing something blue”. But your “something blue” doesn’t have to be limited to a pair of shoes, a piece of jewelry or a ribbon you tie around your bouquet.

Instead, set yourself apart from the pack by wearing a blue gown on the big day, with dresses in shades of light blue, navy and everything in between.

And if you are so brave to dare, why not choosing to amaze your guests with an uncommon blue make up? You will surely be the trendest bride of the year!

Planning to marry in Sardinia? Impossible not to choose blue! Blue is by definition the colour of the sky and the sea, the elements surrounding our beautiful island and making it unforgettable for those who choose to visit it.

Several of our couples had already choosen this colour for their wedding.

And you? Are you going to choose a blue wedding?

Take a look at these photos and get the inspiration!

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