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Country and Chic: two words that by definition, should not go toghether. However, when they are blended seamlessly into every detail of a wedding , they make for an elegant outcome. A far more elegant.

Country chic is a term that is floaded about quite a lot in the wedding world, but it is often an area that is difficult to define as it blurs the line between vintage and rustic. But simply country chic is a gorgeous theme that incorporates a slightly country-home made feel into any decor for an effortlessly stylish look.

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Getting married in the country can be a very chic type o f wedding. Country weddings take shape and are often influenced by the nature that surrounds the area. When planning this type of wedding try to find a location that acts as the perfect inspiration for your wedding theme.

22 Terrazzo dei desideri

This type of wedding is great for outdoor venues because it has a kind of airy, woodsy feeling that is further solified by being in the great outdoors

Looking for a country-chic wedding venue but not sure where to start? Getting confused? Here the solution!

Just a few weeks ago, the british newspaper “Telegraph”, inserted Oliena among the 19 more fascinating and suggestive villages in Italy. Nestled among mountains and woods, this little village preserves the essence and charm of Sardinian inland. Like a romantic watercolour, the landscape around Oliena is characterized by ancient olive trees and vineyards, which cling the slopes of the Supramonte, where the fizzy air is fragant of mediterranean herbs. Suddenly the mountain meets a surprising, bewitching karstic spring, which is considered a national monument thanks to its green-blue deep waters.

Thinking that’s all? You are terribly wrong. Handcrafting is one of the treasures of this village. This is where extraordinary hand products comes alive: filigree jewels, embroidered silk scarfs, carved wooden objects.

And last, but not least the food: farm-country flavours match themselves with extraordinary and full-bodied wine. Even Gabriele D’annunzio sang the praise of Oliena’s most celebrated product: the Cannonau wine, which he elegantly renamed Nepente (from Greek ne=no pathos=sadness, no sadness).

Ops..we almost forgot to tell you this special location is set a stone’s throw away from the most wild and beautiful Sardinian seacoast.

Not yet convinced? Take a look at our gallery, and we are sure you’ll immediatly fall in love with our unique country-chic proposal.

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