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Wedding trends 2016 in Sardinia

The new wedding season is almost upon us and we are thrilled to meet our couples and finally give life to all the fantastic ideas we discussed together through these months. Each couple is always different, has different demands and expectations, the locations where they will celebrate their weddings are placed all over Sardinia, nevertheless we noticed some hot threads in the trends of this year, starting from the floral decorations to lights up and set up.

The lights always create the atmosphere and this year more than ever, the bride and groom have asked us to brighten their reception in a very special way. So far the ideas range from  big chandeliers for some sophisticated and elegant dinners, illuminated tables and benches for beach parties that last all night, to threads of light bulbs for outdoor receptions in rustic and whimsical style. The candles are still a must for those looking for a more intimate and romantic atmosphere.

lighting_weddingsardinia (10)

lighting_weddingsardinia (7)

lighting_weddingsardinia (6)

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lighting_weddingsardinia (9)


This year metallic (gold and silver) will be an inspiration for our decorations, not only at the reception where it will enrich the atmosphere with table lines, vases and other glam accessories, but even the food and drink, with shiny blush icings on desserts and contemporary cocktails. Gold will also be part of the ceremonies, for a blessing on the grass or a symbolic ceremony on the beach, with some sparkling decorations specially created by our floral designers.

Country style is back, but with an original twist that incorporates some Sardinian and Italian traditions, not only in the choice of the venue, but especially in the set up. So for outdoor ceremonies we will have guests sitting on hay bales or tree trunks and couples that will exchange their vows under arches of branches that intertwine and capture flowers. For the reception outdoors,  our couples prefer long tables, with chairs of different styles, plates and vintage glasses , decadent chandeliers and lighting with bulbs that lighten up American country parties!
Decorations are made with coloured wildflowers or are substituted by aromatic plants and evergreen Mediterranean maquis. The atmosphere is relaxed, festive, but at the same time romantic and bohemian.

A growing number of couples rely on our graphic designers to create all the graphic line for their wedding day which does not limit to the save-the-date cards, seating plan, place cards and menu; the requests nowadays include also a wider range of customised graphics: ranging from fans for the ceremonies on the beach, to the labels for wines and oils, stickers, stamps and anything that the guests often save as the wedding keepsake. Most popular this year are the monograms, which might be either a variation on  the initials of the couple and their wedding date or a truly unique stamp that will appear on everything. You will only need to choose a style or theme , a color scheme, then you leave the rest to the graphic designer.  The approved graphic project will then be applied to all the components of the package chosen.

Wedding graphic (1) Wedding graphic (2) Wedding graphic (3) Wedding graphic (5)

Wedding graphic (6)

Wedding graphic (8) Wedding graphic (9)

Wedding graphic (10)  Wedding graphic (11)Wedding graphic (15)


While some couples have decided to replace the classic sparkling wine with the famous Spritz and Bellini to give a more “Italian touch” to their reception, the most demanding newlyweds this year want to surprise their guests with cocktails specially invented for them which can then be recreated once back home to remember their special day. And who knows, they might come up with something so special that your wedding drink will end up on coctail bars’ menu next to Tequila Sunrise or Mojito.

Many of the ideas are a continuation of what saw last year, but some new, exciting concepts are starting to emerge as well.
Flowers for 2016 are more organic, seasonal and local. The decorations look like the flowers have been freshly picked and blooms are just how nature made them. The bouquets shapes are loose, wide, “wild” and get a “freshly gathered from the garden” look. Romantic greenery and foraged branches are another of the trending wedding themes this year and have become increasingly requested especially by eco-conscious couples.
To give a Sardinian touch to their wedding some of our couples are also requesting fine herbs or greenery typical for the Mediterranean vegetation like myrtle leaves.


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