Legal requirements

Legal requirements – because you don’t want just a beautiful wedding – you want it to be legally valid!

One day we get a request to organise a wedding from a lovely couple: she, born in England, her father Italian, living in Australia.  The groom-to-be half Australian, half British. As it often happens in these cases, the bride, presenting a British passport, was not even aware of the fact that she had automatically Italian citizenship because of her Italian father and as a result, she had to follow the wedding procedure reserved for  Italian citizens.

So in fact she was Italian getting married in Italy but her country of origin did not even know about her existence… so our job, apart from all the wedding preparations, was to help her get all the documents done before the very special day. You can only imagine what it means when you have to face the Italian bureaucracy in such case. But after having dealt with various state offices, municipalities and consulates from this part of the world to Australia and back, months of administrational work, appointments and phone calls, we were able to present her with the whole set of official documents recognising her as an Italian citizen.

It took a lot of time and effort, but seeing the bride realising that the day of her wedding became a day of her re-birth in her country of origin, which brought tears to her eyes, was priceless!

This story is just one of many we could be able to describe. Apart from the emotional side, it shows how important it is to have all your documents ready, how complicated the procedures can be while organising a wedding abroad and you both have different nationalities.

One of the first things you should verify when planning a wedding is the legal procedure and all the paperwork that may be involved, as it can take months to resolve all the issues.  Apart from all the memories of the amazing day, the marriage certificate is the thing you want to take back home.  We can only assure you that in ten years of our professional experience and many cases like this, there was not a single one we have not been able to solve as we are specialised in international legal procedure.

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