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Bosa, the second most beautiful village in Italy

Great news today!!!

One of our towns was elected as the second most beautiful village in Italy during an important national contest. A second place which sounds like a victory for the lovely town of Bosa located in the North West coast.
Considered one of Sardinia’s gems this romantic town is situated along the banks of the river Temo, Sardinia’s only navigable river and surrounded by steep hills, overlooked by an imposing castle.

wedding in Bosa_Italy (6)

The multi-coloured buildings and picturesque piazzas, fantastic restaurants, many of which are tucked away down winding, unpretentious alleyways, and laidback café bars are reminiscent of many towns along the Italian Lakes.

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Bosa has a friendly, local, atmosphere and many reasons for appeal: from the excellent food (lobster and malvasia wine) to traditions (S’Attidu Carnivalan and Easter rites), crafts and monuments (Malaspina Caste). Bosa castle, erected by the wealthy Genoese Malaspina family in 1122, is a worthy visit, as much for the great views of the town and the coast, as for the history, while Bosa Marina, about two kilometres away and easily within walking distance from the town centre, has a fantastic beach in a crescent-shaped harbour. The rear of the beach is lined with a few bars and shops, but the entire Marina, although popular in the height of summer, is refreshingly non touristy.

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Bosa is the perfect place for romantic weddings and many of our couples have already chosen to get married there:

Michelle and Stuart with a sunflower beach wedding

Symbolic beach wedding in Bosa - Italy

Magda and Boris with a traditional catholic wedding in the majestic cathedral

Catholic wedding in Bosa - Italy

Cecilia and Philip with a romantic trip along the river

Civil wedding in Bosa - Italy

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