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Destination Wedding Etiquette: Tips and Tricks

destination wedding italy

Planning a destination wedding? Different rules and etiquette apply. Here are the ins and outs you need to know to navigate the tricky world of destination wedding and avoid any faux pas.

1) Plan wedding site visits

Once you have chosen Sardinia as your wedding destination, contact us and set aside time well before the big day to organize an extra trip to visit our venues. Site visits are the perfect opportunity to get all the answers to your questions and help you to make a final decision. So make sure to plan your visit at least more than one year before your wedding, it’ll be worth it. With a proper site inspection you can thoroughly assess your wedding venue options to find the perfect fit for you. We generally suggest to plan the inspection from March to October, avoiding the winter season and, if possible, the high season (namely July and August), because venues are crowded and not always available.

2) Book in advance

Book your venue as soon as possible, at least one year prior to your wedding date, especially if you are planning a medium to big size ceremony. Small size receptions require less advance notice but we always suggest to think ahead avoiding last-minute unforeseen events.

3) Send save-the-dates early

Sending invites to your destination wedding four weeks before the big day? Just don’t!
Send your save the dates as soon as possible to give guests time to put a trip on their schedule. This way guests have enough time to apply for a passport if necessary or to get the best travel deals. The more costly and further the destination, the better it is to give your guests more time to prepare and eventually save money. Generally, we recommend sending save-the-dates to destination weddings eight to ten months ahead of the wedding. If you still wish to send them a formal invitations, you should post these a minimum of three to four months before. Remember: the more time, the better.

4) Keep your guests informed

Some couples ask us to set up a small wedding site to share all the important information with their guests. Include details about the airport, transportation options and travel itinerary. Also use your website to keep your guests informed about welcome dinner, dress-code,wedding day agenda and much more. Treat your wedding website exactly like a guidebook, including also emergency contacts and other logistics.

5) Offer a wide range of accomodation

Your guests will be responsible for their accomodation.
Understanding their needs and offering a range of accomodation which suits their different budgets it’s part of being a sensitive host. Not everyone can probably afford your venue but you can do a research on the closest hotels in the area and share direct links for your guests to check them out. Or you can make it easier by finding good accomodation packages or booking a villa that sleeps a big group. Since we have our trustworhty vendors, we can be helpful in finding the best rates and package discounts.

6) Make your guests feel welcome

Especially if your guests are unfamiliar with each other simple things such a sort of welcome dinner on the arrival day can help them to break the ice. Another good idea is to organize excursions or sightseeing tours during which guests can meet each other every day. Since we are a local agency, our team is specialized in the area and can suggest extra activities on request . A personalized top-10 list of things to do in the area is also a nice touch so guests can plan their own activities.

7) Make travel easy

If transportation on the wedding day is required, arrange it and pay for it. It’s a good destination wedding etiquette since your guests are in a foreign country and you have probably become more familiar throughout the planning process. We can help you with logistics and know a lot about the area.

8) Keep an eye to local traditions and cultures

If you haven’t spent much time in the town where you’re marrying, having a destination wedding brings all sorts of concers such as cultural differences. Ask us about your location’s specific customs or traditions avoinding any cultural misunderstanding. Make sure to share any information with your guests. Remember: knowledge is the key. For a special touch we also suggest to place at each guest’s place setting a local favour just to say “thank you” to your guests.

9) Make gift-giving easy

Destination weddings might be the best kind but also the most expensive. That’s why gift giving for a destination wedding is a bit thorny considering that guests are spending pots of money just to get there with you. Fill your wish list with affordable ideas which don’t break the bank. Furthermore, due to the distance, try to keep your gift registry virtual, avoiding your guests to bring heavy packages on the airplane. You may also decide to forgo the gift-giving and let your guests know that their presence is the best gift you wish.

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