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Small towns have everything you could want for a wedding—beautiful scenery, unique venues, friendly locals, plenty of charming inns to host your guests, and so much to do and see. If you’re looking for the perfect destination for an intimate and memorable wedding, why not consider Carloforte?

One of the most beautiful places in Sardinia: a picturesque fishing village which is the only town of the Island of San Pietro. Here is difficult to understand if you find yourself in the middle of the sea or among rocky mountains and stretches of Mediterranean maquis. And it’s even difficult to understand what kind of language locals speak, with both Ligurian and Sardinian influences.

Once you arrive at the harbour, you immediately get lost in the maze of narrow streets, which bring you in the very heart of Carloforte. Green hills, rocks and cliffs make you almost forget the magnificent sea. From up there, you can’t even see it. A paradise of peace and silence, where the blue of crystalline waters make way for the countless green shades of luxuriant vegetation.


And it’s right now that the lighthouse stands out, overlooking the horizon like a king over is kingdom, reminding you that you are surrounded by the sea.

A magical island where nobody lived until 1736, when a community of Genoese coral fishers got kicked out of Tabarka in Tunisia, where they’d been sent to work. The then-king of Sardinia gave them refuge on the island of San Pietro, and they brought their seafaring know-how and tabarkino dialect.
Little pastel-coloured houses with flowery pots on balconies and narrow cobblestone streets still recall typical ligurian villages, so much so that you can even smell the scent of pesto sauce and genoese focaccia.

But the very identity of this Island is tuna fishing: here the last “tonnara” of Italy, a complex system of anchored nests and an historical tradition which is celebrated annualy with a summertime festival.

Delicious food, stunning views, a melting-pot of cultures and traditions..What else you can ask for your special day?

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