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The start of Spring means the start of another busy wedding season!
New lovely couples to meet, new beautiful locations and venues to propose, new colours to mix and match, and vibrant feeling to live. Every start is a mix of thrilled emotions. After one year or less of plans and preparations, thousands of email, lots of phone calls, meetings with vendors and site inspections the arrival of the wedding day, THAT SPECIAL DAY, is something we wait with excitement. Everything must be perfect, everyone must be on site and on time, the sun have to shine…..well actually that’s the only thing we haven’t control on but we try to persuade everybody that we can 🙂

From March till October our life become busy, very busy. With lots of venues spread all over the island and weddings to organize, we  go up and down every week but we are never tired!
Every wedding is a new adventure, a new beautiful story to be added on our special book of memories. There is no wedding or couple similar to another. This is the most exciting part of our job. Every time is a time to remember and we really look forward to it!

New wedding season in Sardinia by Frinaeventi

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