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New wedding trends for 2014

First of all happy new year to all couples that get engaged and are planning to get married in the 2014!

Spring/Summer 2014 promises to be another fantastic season of unique weddings. There are so many different options for Brides marrying in Sardinia next summer to get excited. Once again no wedding will look the same!


Once again wedding designers are embracing the romantic and naturalistic simplicity of barn venues but with a glam touch!
This look is achieved combining together mix natural materials with sophisticated elements like shiny chrome objects, mirrors, objects with a bit of modern glitz.
The Rustic Glam style is perfect  for those couples who love earthy elements with a bit of sparkle!

 rustic glam wedding


The word quirky is normally used to describe the character of a person who is odd or peculiar.
A quirky wedding means having a theme or an accessory that is unusual and odds – something that’s lovely but unexpected. It can be inspired by your favorite movie, your music or by anything unique.
It is the perfect theme for those couples that want a wedding that matches their personality!

quirky wedding quirky wedding

quirky wedding


For beautiful, unique, eco-conscious and style-conscious celebrations keep things green, white and natural by using lots of foliage, cottons, woods, recycling paper.  It’s a simple style to recreate and actually very inexpensive made of artisanal handmade wedding ideas. Perfect for eco friendly couples that want to  decrease the impact of their event on the planet.

organic wedding


Wedding trends for 2014 show that vintage wedding style is still going strong!
It’s no surprise — there’s just something that feels so romantic about adding old-world items and antiques to your big day. Many couples opt to include family elements heirlooms within their décor, giving a personal touch to their vintage wedding.
Vintage is not old – it’s fun, nostalgic and colourful! 

vintage wedding vintage wedding vintage wedding

vintage wedding invitations

Vintage Wedding


Boho Chic is making a comeback for weddings in 2014.
This style is achieved by combining interesting pieces that reflect vintage fashion with a modern twist to create a soft and feminine look that celebrates a woman who embodies the ideals of the hippie and folk culture including love, equality, peace, social and environmental awareness. Bohemian chic weddings are full of whimsical details, flowing dresses, vintage or retro styled accessories, wild flowers and feathers, hair loose and long and with a simple fresh flower, and a bride and groom whose look is relaxed and effortless.

boho chic beach wedding 03

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