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Humanist weddings in Sardinia

Humanist weddings or Non-Religious Celebrations are an ideal solution for those couples that don’t want a religious service, but want more than the registry office.

A humanist wedding is completely secular (ie non-religious with no hymns, prayers or Bible readings) and respects virtually all situations: remarriage after divorce, renewal of vows, couples from different faiths or of no faith, and ceremonies allowing gay couples to declare their love and commitment for one another.

Humanist weddings can take place anywhere “safe and dignified”, indoors or outdoor.

Humanist weddings in Sardinia

 A Humanist ceremony tends to be very personal and meaningful as it is composed individually to suit the couple’s specific requirements. “Standard” weddings impose strict guidelines on time, place and wording. In contrast, humanist weddings let you make personal choices about vows, readings, music and any symbolic actions you will choose to take, such as exchange of rings, candle-lighting, hand-tying. The celebrant will make suggestions about rituals, readings and music, will answer questions, discuss ideas and help you creating your personal vows.

Couples that opt for a humanist ceremony will often write their own vows which makes the whole experience even more personal.

Humanist wedding in Sardinia, Italy

The format can follow a traditional pattern. The bride will walk down the aisle after which the celebrant says some words of welcome. There are readings, music, vows and exchange of rings. Some couples like to add a special ritual like light candles, others prefer a simpler ceremony. At the end the celebrant will usually say some closing words before the couple leave admist music and applause from their guests.

Note: at present Humanist weddings do not carry legal status in Italy, so you will have to get officially married in the Registry Office first.

Humanist wedding in Sardinia, Italy

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