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Fall wedding in Sardinia

If you’ve recently gotten engaged, you might be thinking of planning a winter wedding. October is second only to June as the most popular month to get married, but the other crisp autumn months can be a spectacular setting and inspiration for your wedding.

In Sardinia the climate is mostly warm throughout the year and the winter weather is mild; this makes it an ideal wedding location for those who want to get married in the winter but do not want to bother with the winter weather.
There are many great places where you can hold your winter wedding in Sardinia.
A country inn with a fireplace is always a traditional choice for an intimate winter wedding. However, an historic mansion, a banquet hall, or even a private villa or a lovely restaurant can work nicely also.

Colors play a very important role in a winter wedding.
When choosing your wedding colors and the colors of your flowers, go for shades that reflect the beauty of the season. Red, orange, and yellow are all spectacular shades for your floral and decor colors but also deep chocolate brown accented with a light color like periwinkle blue or dusty pink.
And don’t forget to fill the venue with the light of candles around you!


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