Places to get married in Sardinia

Unusual places to get married in Sardinia (Italy)

In Italy, civil weddings must take place in a town hall or other properties purchased by the local government in order to be legally binding.

In Sardinia the number of these properties is growing rapidly due to the high demand of couples looking to get married in beautiful places. Some of these places are strikingly unusual and are the perfect location for an unforgettable wedding in Sardinia!

Here is our selection of some of the best.

1- Lighthouse in a small island – Villasimius

Unusual places to get married in Sardinia 01Photo source: Valentino Romano di

Now it’s possible! You can get married in one of the few operational lighthouses of Sardinia. This unique setting, located inside a natural paradise (a Marine Protected Area), has been recently renowned and ready to host your celebrations.

2- Medieval old fortress – Villasimius

Unusual places to get married in SardiniaPhoto Source:

This Old fortress with a peculiar star shape rises on a panoramic hill of granite rocks, dotted with bushed of typical Mediterranean brush and with a terrific view over the sea. The perfect venue for outdoor ceremonies with an historical feeling in front of the sea!

3 – Spanish Tower – Calasetta

unusual places to get married in Sardinia

In the lovely fishing village of Calasetta, in the South of Sardinia, it rises an old eighteenth tower visible from everywhere, used from the Spanish for to sight enemies boats and now used for very intimate and romantic celebrations. From its small terrace you will enjoy a beautiful panorama on this small village and its wonderful blue sea. The perfect spot for fantastic pics!

4 – Domus de Janas – North Sardinia

unusual places to get married in Sardinia

This is a very unusual setting for weddings!
Domus de Janas, litterally “House of the Fairies”, are a type of pre-historic chamber found in the Mediterranean area, but typically in Sardinia. This is the “the Cathedral of Domus de Janas” due to its size, which has undergone several transformations over the centuries. It also has been used as a private home with a fireplace in the center of the room dug into the rock. Nowdays it’s a museum and occasionally used for special celebrations.

5 – Goni Archeologico Site

unusual places to get married in SardiniaPhoto source:

In the South of Sardinia there is a breathtaking megalithic monument made of a mysterious circle of upright stones recalling Stonehenge. This magical site is the perfect place for those couples who want to marry amid the ruins of an ancient sacred settlement, in a particular atmosphere of calm, relaxation and spiritualism.

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