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Country wedding in Sardinian Farm Houses

Wedding in Farm Houses is one of the most relaxing and cherished ways to celebrate your wedding and surely the best way to appreciate the real atmosphere of the Sardinian countryside. Generally Sardinian farm houses are located in peaceful areas, a few kilometres away from the city life, and they are surrounded by a lush Mediterranean vegetation with scenic mountains in its backdrop. The Sardinian Farm Houses that have been dedicated to hospitality and weddings are well known as Agriturismo or Stazzo Gallurese. In the past they were ancient houses of farm workers and shepherds but nowadays many of them have been totally renewed to become comfortable and charming relais with elegant rooms and small apartments, beautiful outdoor spaces and swimming pools.

Why should you choose a Sardinian farm house for getting married?

There are many good reason for getting married in farm houses.

First of all they are located close to little villages where you can appreciate the famous Sardinian hospitality and enjoy our traditional cuisine.

Your ceremony can be host in the local town halls, which are usually small historical buildings in the town centre, or in small lovely churches made of wood and stones.

Farm houses have big outdoor spaces spread over acres of land which offers one to plan things in a much organize manner.

You could also have your symbolic ceremony on the grass with magic views over the hills, followed by an aperitif around the swimming pool where everyone can sip a cocktail at sunset.

An elegant but relaxed dinner could be served inside characteristics halls or under verandas with long tables where you will have the chance to taste the local products like hand made pasta, salami, the famous suckling pig, Sardinian sweets and wine. But you can also have a joyful and informal BBQ outdoor to make everyone enjoy the experience of dining under the open sky.

On end you can have a casual party by the swimming pool with live music and candle lights to make your wedding a memorable experience in all.

Stazzo Lu Ciaccaru
Stazzo Lu Ciaccaru
Stazzo Lu Ciaccaru
Stazzo Lu Ciaccaru
Stazzo Lu Ciaccaru


Getting married in Sardinian farmhouse can be a very rustic chic type of wedding. Decorations can be influenced by the natural beauty of the countryside or can display beautiful color contrasts by using intense and bright colours like red, orange, yellow.
For a more romantic style, blue, pink, white and grey will add a touch of elegance to your wedding. Seasonal flowers are perfect centerpieces and seasonal fruits are a nice addition.
Candles, net lights and lanterns provide a more festive & fun feel to the event.

Outdoor symbolic ceremony

Outdoor reception
Country wedding decorations
Country wedding decorations
Country Wedding Flowers
Party decorations – Country wedding


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