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“Still on time to get married in Sardinia this year?”

With our wedding season already started we have lots of things to do and still to plan but we are so excited and enthusiastic…we were really looking forward to it!

The weather is already sunny and warm here in Sardinia and we have lots of energy to dedicate to our fantastic couples over the next months. 

In the meantime we are receiving many requests of  last minute weddings and the most frequently question is “Are we still on time to get married inSardiniathis year?”

Our answer is pretty much “yes”!

It mainly depends on the kind of ceremony you are looking for.
If you are dreaming about a symbolic blessing, no matter how many gests you will be inviting, we can organize it even in a month. We only ask to be a little flexible as some suppliers may not been available anymore or may be difficult to find some particular services, especially if want your wedding to be on a weekend. Generally speaking a last minute wedding on a weekday gives you more chance to have a good selection of suppliers to choose from as they won’t be occupied with local weddings (Sardinian weddings always take place on weekends).

Romantic elopement (without legal value) can be even organized in a couple of weeks. Just the necessary time to find the perfect location and to choose the style of your wedding.

From 3 to 6 months are required instead for a civil ceremony.
It needs some time to follow the procedures and to get the documentation ready and each nationality has its own rules to be followed.For European Citizens (including British) the requirements are much easier and faster.
For No EU Citizens it  takes longer and it could be tricky to organize a wedding in less than 6 months, but not impossible!

Roman Catholic ceremonies can also be organized within 3 months if you are already baptised and confirmed and if you decide about having the civil part in your home country. If instead you prefer having the civil part as well (called “Matrimonio Concordatario”) the length of procedures will depend on your nationality but 5/6 months will be enough to collect the paperwork required by the Italian Curia.

 In all the above cases we will help you finding the quickest way to get married inS ardinia.
We will follow and support you during the whole process so you won’t need to give up the idea of having your dream wedding in our beautiful island.

Give us a quick call and will let you know if you are still on time!

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