Beach weddings

Beach weddings in Sardinia

We know, it’s still winter and many of you will be cold and in the rain, dreaming of white-sandy beaches where lounging in the sun miles away from your offices and everyday life. Some of you will be also dreaming of their coming wedding after getting engaged on the magic New years Eve. So now our suggestions is….why not combining these  two dreams and getting married on a beautiful beach?
There is nothing more romantic or charming than a wedding at sunset by the sea and there are few spots on the Earth as inspiring as our beaches!
For many Sardinia is still unknown compared to the most famous Italian regions but it’s the perfect place for beach weddings. Sunny and dry from March through October, its coastline is blanketed with km of white sandy beaches and choosing where to get married will be your only biggest problem!

Just to get you inspired………….


  • Weather
    Sunny and dry from March till the end of October
  • Scenary
    Get married in some the world’s most  famous  beaches.
  • Food & culture
    Mediterranean fresh food and Sardinia wines. Millenary history and original cultural traditions.


  • Don’t wear heels on the beach as they will sink into the sand. Wear sandals instead or go barefoot.
  • Start your wedding at sunset when the sun won’t be so hot and you won’t have to suffer for the heat.
  • Choose a simple and fresh dress without trains. You’ll feel relaxed and easy on the beach.
  • Make sure to put on the sunblock, and consider bringing a wrap in case it is windy.

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